#career 2021, 04, 12

Some questions I have asked in frontend interviews

Here are some of the questions I've asked in interviews.

  • What stack would I be working on?
  • What stack is the backend written on?
  • How is the relationship with the backend teams or design teams?
  • Would I be able to participate in design decisions?
  • What is the design / frontend development process like?
  • How do you measure developers performance?
  • What is the best and worst part of working there? (Ask to another developer)
  • What are the biggest challenges of your project?
  • What can you tell me about the project?
  • What would you expect from me in X time to promote me to a senior role?
  • Do you give access to education tools / platforms (Egghead, Pluralsight, Frontend Masters)?

And once the interviews are over I always ask for feedback no matter the outcome.

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